1683 Map of Abyssinia
Alain Mallet, "Description de l'Univers," Paris

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About this Catalogue
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Ministers of Ethiopian Post, Telephone & Telegraph
Players in Ethiopian Philately
Meet the men who shaped Ethiopian philately, from the first Director of Posts, Alfred Ilg, to every collector's favorite, François Fournier.


1895 "Menelik & Lion" First Issue
1896 "Askefil" Postage Due 
1896 Postal Cards - includes Formula Cards, handstamps, & postwar.
Early Covers
Selection of Early Covers - Can you identify the forgeries?
Pro Memoria
Pro Memoria Sheets prepared by J. A. Michel
1901 "Ethiopie" Handstamps 
1902 "Bosta::" Handstamp
1903 "Melekt::" Handstamp
1904 "Melekt" Handstamp
1905 "Numerals" Handstamps
1905 Harar Provisionals
1905 Postage Due - T no bottom serif
1905 Postage Due - T with bottom serif
Lion of Judah Handstamp 
1905 "5 c/m" Handstamp
1906 Menelik Handstamp
1906 Menelik:: Handstamp
1906 Taxe a Percevoir Postage Due
1907 Dagmawi and New Value Handstamp
1907 Taxe a Percevoir Postate Due with New Value
1908 1 Piastre and Scroll Provisional
1908 UPU New Currency Overprint
1908 Askafil in Triangle Postage Due
1909 Definitive Issue
1911 Dire Daoua Provisional Overprints
1912-1913 Askafil in Triangle Postage Due 
1917 First Coronation Commemoratives
1917 Revalued Provisionals
1917 Second Coronation Commemoratives
1919 Animals and Rulers Issue 

1919 Animals and Rulers Issue - Reprints

1919-1928 New Value Overprints
1925-1930 Askafil in Triangle Postage Due 
1928 Definitive Issue
1928 PTT Overprint
1928 Negous Teferi Overprint
1929 Air Mail Handstamp 
1930 Hayle Selassie 1er Overprint 
1930 Haile Selassie 1er Overprint 
1930 Hayle Selassie Premier Essay
1930 Coronation Provisional Overprint
1930 Coronation Monument Issue and Reprints
1931 Provisional Low Value Overprints
1931 Air Mail Commemoratives and Reprints
1931 Definitive Issue and Reprints
1935 Akaki Radio Station Overprint
1936 New Currency Overprints
1936 Red Cross Issue
1936 Croix Rouge. Includes Gore Overprint.
1936 Italian Occupation
Postwar Stamps:

1942-1959 Issues
1960-1969 Issues
1970-1979 Issues
1980-1989 Issues
1990-1999 Issues
2000-2004 Issues

Official Stamps
Revenue Stamps 
Postal Stationary
Official Handstamps and Unofficial Air Letters
International Reply Coupons
1895-1936 Prewar Ethiopian Cancellations
1942-2000 Postwar Ethiopian Cancellations
Italian Civilian Cancellations, including Eritrea (In Preparation)
Italian Military Cancellations, including Eritrea (In Preparation)
British Military Cancellations (In Preparation)
American Military Cancellations (In Preparation)
1868 Capture of Magdala
1913 Log of Milenko Raitchevitch visit to Djibouti, Harrar, and Dire Daoua. Includes signature of Ras Tafari, later Haile Selassie. 
Melotti Brewery Labels - Collected on a brewery tour in Asmara, Eritrea in 1963.
Star of Ethiopa Medal and 
First American Mission to Ethiopia, 1903 - 
Includes a list of Americans and translation of the Treaty.
Old Catalogues
Old Ethiopian Catalogues 


Ethiopian Philatelic Society - Meet up with fellow collectors. More links.
Kagnew Station Homepage - Asmara, Eritrea. 
Ethiopian Stamp Dealers - A few places to add to your collection.
Media Ethiopia - News and links.

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